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laser hair removal machine

The Difference Between Laser And IPL Hair Removal

If your body has hair and you require long-term treatment options for reducing hair growth, you can choose between laser and IPL hair removal treatment. There are pros and cons to both. Now the important question is which among the two is right for you.

If you’re one such person who is stumped about whether to choose between laser or IPL hair removal treatment, then we’ve here compiled the comprehensive differences and similarities between the two. Although both of them are highly convenient, the best results can be attained by deciding on which method is more suitable for you.

laser hair removal machine

IPL Vs Laser Hair Removal Treatment

What are the similarities?

Laser and IPL Hair Removal Treatment depend upon a similar working principle. They work by emitting the light that is absorbed by the pigment (melanin) in the hair. During the absorption process, the light energy is transformed into heat which further damages the hair follicles (tube-shaped sacs) and thereby prevents the production of hair. Besides preventing the hair from re-growing, both of these treatments reduce the speed of hair growth.

What are the differences?

Although both Laser and IPL Hair Treatment have a similar working principle, the main difference between them is the source of light used. While in laser hair removal treatment, laser rays are used for hair removal, on the other hand, in IPL hair removal treatment, a broad spectrum of visible light is utilized.

In both of these hair removal treatments, the hair follicles are blasted with light energy. The light energy used is primarily devised and then targeted to the hair follicles (melanin).

IPL Or Laser: Which Is Better For My Skin And Hair Type?

Laser and IPL, both sorts of hair removal treatments are apt for dark hair type and pale skin types.  The combination of dark hair and light-colored skin allows the melanin to be targeted easily. However, laser hair removal treatment can also be useful for individuals with dark skin.

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Benefits Of IPL Hair Removal Over Laser Hair Removal Treatment

When talking about laser vs IPL, it is worth mentioning that coverage of IPL treatment devices is comparatively greater than laser hair removal devices. As the IPL hair removal treatment covers larger areas at a time, this eventually means that it takes lesser time to treat bigger areas. Besides this, in just 5-6 sessions, IPL hair removal handset offers 90% of hair reduction.

As stated earlier, the IPL hair removal device utilizes broader spectrum of light and hence it has multiple uses. Not just to remove facial hairs, the IPL devices can be used to treat spider veins and pigmented cells.

Besides this, a variant of IPL i.e. VPL, Variable Pulsed Light, can change its settings depending on the type of skin area it is treating. For example, the human body has different skin types at different places like legs have thick skin whereas

there’s soft skin near the bikini line and underarms. The hair removal device based on VPL technology can modify its intensity depending upon the place it is treating.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal Over IPL Hair Removal Treatment

In our analysis of IPL vs Laser, now that you know the benefits of IPL over laser, it's time to know the benefits of laser over IPL.

The foremost thing that makes laser hair removal technology better than IPL hair removal treatment is that laser takes fewer sessions than IPL to give the same results.

Other than this, laser hair removal machines are more suitable for both light and dark-colored skin. This is because darker skin absorbs more light, however, the lasers are more focused and have a negligible risk of burning than IPL hair removal devices.

Final Words

Excluding a few minor cons, both the IPL and laser hair removal devices are two of the highly convenient and safe at-home hair removal means.

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