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Is an IPL Handset Safe and Effective?

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With the constant development of beauty products and procedures, multiple myths, methods, and misconceptions have been debunked over time. The disproof of such, aims to focus cosmetic companies and their respective customers on the products and devices that can generate desirable results. 

Aside from the guaranteed results, differentiating a cosmetic myth and truth eliminates the technology and products that are unsafe and ineffective.

A slow yet steady climb, IPL Laser Hair Removal is starting to steal the spotlight. Regardless of its mass use and distribution, the knowledge is not quite common yet. And, this raises the question of the safety and effectivity of the IPL handset for home-use.

Let’s find out whether you will be placing a sense of danger on yourself when investing and committing to Intense Pulsed Light.

IPL Hair Removal: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Prior to usage, each customer must conduct their own research before using new technology, like what it is and how it works.

Also recognized as photo facial, IPL is the abbreviation for Intense Pulsed Light. The technology centers on the use of light pulses to target your hair roots below the skin surface. Like your method of shaving and waxing, IPL Hair Removal can be used in many parts of the body, like arms, underarms, legs, face, and the bikini area.

With its permanent effects, the technology aims to replace your disposable, temporary process with epilators, waxing, shaving, and so on. A common selling point of IPL Hair Removal is its ability to allow smoothness to last, unlike the traditional methods. On top of that, the use of IPL hinders the growth of hair on the areas treated throughout the course of use.

Despite its promising effects, is it safe? Let’s dive into how IPL Laser whips up its seemingly magical effects.

The IPL handset emits pulses of light in a controlled manner. The emitted light is then selectively absorbed by hair follicles beneath the skin surface. The conversion of light to heat on the hair causes it to enter its resting phase which prevents the follicles’ re-growth potential. Ultimately, this leads to the natural and permanent hair removal.

Laser treatments in the cosmetic and beauty industry tends to evoke an automatic sense of danger and extra precaution and hesitation from customers. However, the hair removal method of Intense Pulsed Light, regardless of its laser technology use, should not be assumed to be dangerous and approached with hesitation.

What are the Advantages of IPL Laser?

When doing your personal research, it is important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the product and/or procedure.

No Need to Wait: The traditional methods, like waxing and shaving, clearly require hair to be present on the treatment area; therefore, individuals must wait for hair to grow back in order to repeat the process once again. Through Intense Pulsed Light, you only have to shave your hair off right before you choose to use the device for optimal results.

Say No to Temporary: The reason you are reading this article right now is, you are tired of repeating the shaving or waxing process. You experienced an epiphany, it is a process to be repeated throughout your lifetime. Fortunately, the IPL Hair Removal method is a method of repetition, though, the end results are permanent. Averaging at 6 to 8 proper uses, the number of treatments depend on several factors like hair structure, hair color, and your natural skin tone.

Painless: Let’s face it, waxing is painful. There’s no need to convince yourself that waxing is a painless process as actual painless procedures exist. Aside from waxing, shavers increase the risk of a cut or puncture into the skin with a razor or skin irritation through the different creams and chemicals applied. IPL is close to painless, we will get into further detail.

The benefits of the IPL undoubtedly exist, but is it safe and effective?

Meet the Cons of the IPL Method

We are all on the same team here, and here’s the experience of full disclosure when it comes to the disadvantages of Intense Pulsed Light technology treatment.

A Strain on Your Pocket: It is a device with magical effects, and there’s a price for magic. At the superficial view, shaving and waxing tools are cheap. Before you jump to conclusions, consider the math of how much you spend per month on your current method, multiply by 12, and multiply by the number of your anticipated years. It’s a lot, not to mention non eco-friendly! An IPL Laser Hair Removal handset may cost you at a one-time payment, but it guarantees permanent results. Think about it, it’s actually cost effective.

Light Hair? Further discussed later on, the technology’s results depend on your skin and hair color. Delving into the science behind it, light hair carries a minimal amount of melanin. In contrast, IPL Laser eradicates melanin in order to hinder further hair growth. Although, do not get discouraged, we will further discuss this factor.

Your Checklist with IPL Handset Purchase

A strain on your pocket cannot be wasted. Here is a checklist of research and information to know before purchasing your IPL device.

Different devices are built with varied number of intensity levels, and the intensity itself per level. These levels decide how often you have to use your device and how often to repeat throughout. Furthermore, having multiple settings benefit those with dynamic skin sensitivity, especially on the face; each setting can be used for a separate body area.

A common misconception is the lifetime use of your IPL handset. Most devices are capped at their maximum number of flashes, or number of light emissions. The lowest found on the market is 100,000 flashes, while other brands cater an unlimited number of light flashes! With flashes, the speed, or duration between these emissions also vary and affect the length of the process. Evidently, the shorter wait between flashes leads to an overall shorter procedure.

The definite premium feature of some handsets is the skin tone sensor. As we will further discuss, skin and hair color do play a vital role with the method. As your device’s ability to determine your skin color, you will be using the optimum intensity level or mode to ensure your safety and maximize the long-term results.

Hair and Skin Type Guide for IPL Hair Removal

Each body is unique to their own features. With Intense Pulsed Light laser technology, your use and experience may vary according to your skin tone and hair color.

To clarify, the selectivity does not limit the scope of possible treatment areas. The Laser Hair Removal may be used on any area of body, while the common areas are face, legs, arms, underarms, and bikini hair. However, do remember that different head attachments of your IPL handset determines the ease of the process. Luckily, most distributors recognize the most common areas and include the attachments for the respective treatment areas.

Apart from the areas, the IPL Laser technology’s use and effects vary with certain skin tones and hair colors. To maximize your experience, carry out product research on your device’s capability for these factors. All IPL handsets are unique in size and shape, learn about their scope to guarantee your safety, time, and effort.

On top of selecting the right device for you, carefully understand how to use IPL for hair removal. Here is a condensed step-by-step guide.

  1. Before anything, shave the hair off on your desired treatment surface: legs, arms, underarms, bikini area or face. Additionally, clear the skin of any products or chemicals.
  2. Remember! Not all IPL handsets are identical. If it is corded, plug your device into a power source. Turn on by holding the power button for several seconds.
  3. If this is your initial use, it is recommended to use the least intense, first level mode. To select your optimal level of intensity or mode, click the power button once at a time to increase it.
  4. After selecting, lay the device flat on your treatment surface. Push the flash button to initiate the light flashes, as you do this, the remaining number of flashes will appear.
  5. In a single session, it is best to stick to only one area. Once completed and satisfied, press the power button for a few seconds to turn off. Make sure to store in a safe place until your next use.

You have learned how to select the right IPL device for you and how to use it. Although, that does not answer the question of safety and effectivity.

Is IPL Laser Hair Removal a Safe Method?

Simply, Intense Pulsed Light laser hair removal is introduced as a safe and non-invasive treatment.

You may wondering, why is it guaranteed to be safe, despite the use of laser and controlled light?

According to the US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health, “IPL-based technology is generally considered a safe procedure as potentially harmful ultraviolet radiation is typically filtered by blocking wavelengths below 500 nm."

Deviating from the internal technological mechanics, there are many well-known brands and distributors of IPL devices. Placing emphasis on investing into a recognized brand, these handsets have gone through trial phases which led to gaining an approval to market and distribute.

However, it is not enough to purchase a widely recognized brand or product, proper use is crucial as well as post-treatment care. We will provide tips and hacks to guarantee your best IPL journey.


Now that the issue of safety has been settled, is the method truly effective?

Tips and Hacks for IPL Hair Removal

When the summer months kick in, it is inevitable to get a fake or natural tan. Although, if you are planning to convert to IPL, it is recommended to start your treatment in autumn or winter. You are probably wondering, why so? Melanin is one of the main ingredients to IPL technology, the optimal case is the maximum contrast between your dark hair color and possibly fair skin color.

Despite its magical effects, permanent results cannot be achieved in a single abracadabra, a single use. It is important to resist discouragement when you do not see significant change after a couple uses. Instead, remain consistent as noticeable, permanent results appear after 3 months of consistent use.

As emitted light is absorbed and converted into heat in the internal hair follicles, it becomes a no plucking, no waxing zone. These methods eliminate the internal hair that is necessary for IPL to work. Instead, invest in some razors as shaving is now your absolute go-to.

Along with possible minimal pain, the skin over your treatment area may be a little bit more sensitive than normal. With this, there is extra post-treatment care for protection. After using your IPL device, you can choose to apply a soothing balm or gel as this also reduces the tingling feeling. Additionally, if you are expecting to be exposed to the sun and UV light, wear some sunscreen or wear a pair of pants or sweater to cover your treatment areas.

Furthermore, users should avoid perfume, fragrant deodorants, and hot showers in the 24-hour window post-IPL use.

Lastly, the experience and usage is definitely different for everyone. According to multiple IPL users, the ones with light hair and fair skin do not experience any pain at all. However, users with dark, thick hair typically feel the tingling feeling during the treatment and after. These individuals, though, would not claim it as pain.

Final Words

With any new beauty product or procedure you wish to try, the key is to gain a clear idea of its safety and effectivity.

Permanent hair removal has always been a goal of many, but treatments were limited in many ways. The rising technology of Intense Pulsed Light utilizes light flashes to damage the growth potential of internal hair follicles. Keep in mind, the magical effects of IPL do not come easy, it takes care and 100% commitment.

In addition to commitment, users must follow the right guide to purchasing and using the IPL method. First, conduct your product research and gain information on the correct handset for you, your hair, and skin tone. Only purchase from recognized IPL brands! On top of this, users should carefully read and follow the directional use of your IPL device. And lastly, commitment makes it worth it!

As you beg the question of safety and effectivity of IPL Laser Hair Removal, we have summarized the numerous experiences of IPL users. The conclusion is…drum roll please!

IPL Laser treatment is completely safe and effective with guaranteed permanent results when conducted properly!

Take this as the sign to toss those shaving and waxing tools, it is time to switch to IPL permanent hair removal. Join the many, many satisfied and grateful users around the globe!

Happy Zappin’!

The Step by Step Guide to At-Home IPL Treatment

Supple Skyn - Premium at Home IPL Treatment

The cosmetic and beauty industry is swarmed with new, innovative technology and it is bound to get confusing at times. Every customer encounters the dilemma of, which brand, which product, and especially, how do I use this product? 

Off to a slow start with evident doubt and hesitation from customers and users, IPL Laser Hair Removal is a method that guarantees permanent results — the ultimate goal of most. In gaining its permanent effects, many factors come into play.

First, aspiring users should learn more about IPL and how it works. Once convinced, there are brands and respective features to consider prior to purchasing your very own device. And once you have your hands on your own handset, it is crucial to use it properly in every way — it is not technology to be improvised or winged, especially for home-use.

Luckily, with the checklist of the journey to IPL commitment, we have it all covered. Read on about the ultimate guide, steps, and insightful tips and hacks.

Your Current Hair Removal Options 

The reason you are spending your time reading this article is, you are sick of your method’s temporary effects. Not to further startle you, but you will be repeating your traditional method throughout your whole lifetime.

To name a few, the most common hair removal methods used today are plucking, hot waxing, electrolysis, shaving, depilatory creams, threading, and medication.

When you further read into each method, it is a discovery that each procedure is selective towards certain areas of treatment. For example, most experts discourage plucking for the bikini area as it increases the risk of ingrown hair and skin irritation. Clearly, each technique carries its own risks and limitations; a main limitation is its temporariness.

Recognize that, like other hair removal methods, IPL does have its share of limitations and risk but its advantages and scope are immense. Not to mention, induces permanent effects.

The What’s and How’s of Going IPL

If you are an upcoming IPL Laser user, a good, smart step is learning about what it is and understanding the technology behind it.

Intense Pulsed Light, IPL, uses controlled emissions of light pulses to be absorbed and converted in your internal hair follicles. Also known as photo facial, IPL-based technology is typically used on the underarms, arms, face, legs, and bikini area — just like your current hair removal method.

The light absorption that is followed by the conversion to heat in the follicles, prevents the growth or scientifically known as, re-growth potential or the resting phase. This sequence allows for the permanency of the hair removal, as well as the long-lasting smoothness that everyone desires.

Undoubtedly, IPL treatment is categorized as a laser treatment. However, it is a safe, non-invasive hair removal method that should not evoke fear from its future customers and users. We will provide personal accounts of IPL users to further gain a well-rounded image of the technology’s safety and effectivity.

With its permanent effects and lasting smoothness, it is definitely one of the most deserving candidates to replace your current hair removal method. It’s 2021, it is time to contribute to sustainability and the easy step is cutting down on your disposable hair removal tools such as razors and wax strips.

Know the Benefits of IPL Hair Removal

As you are looking to try something new, the right of passage is to read on its pros and cons for your own safety and reassurance. First off, let’s get into the benefits of IPL Hair Removal.

As previously mentioned, IPL does use laser technology. Most cosmetic enthusiasts attempt to avoid laser-based technology as it entails prolonged exposure to controlled light emissions. However, Intense Pulsed Light is safe. Overall, the technology is safe, however, it is very important to only invest into recognized IPL brands and distributors. Luckily, we will provide the top brands and their respective user reviews below.

Tying to the question of safety, the common question rises: is IPL Laser Hair Removal painful? Simple answer is, it is painless. At most, some users describe a static, tingling sensation when treating areas near a bone or non-flat surfaces. Later on, we will detail the common factors that such users carry. On the other hand, waxing is clearly painful, as well as plucking. As for shaving, individuals are prone to a cut or a case of skin irritation when creams and chemicals are applied.

It has been mentioned a million times, but avoid temporary effects and methods! Yes, this is shade being thrown on your current hair removal method: plucking, hot waxing, shaving, medication, and more. When given the sufficient amount of effort, time, and commitment, IPL brings you permanent effects. Slim to no hair on your treated surfaces! According to multiple users, it takes 6 to 8 consistent sessions per surface to achieve such. Although, remember that it does depend on your skin tone and hair color and structure.

Moving on from the pros of going IPL, there is a different side to it.

How About the Disadvantages of the Treatment?

A product and procedure with magical effects, it is too good to be true. Wrong, the cons of IPL treatment are extremely minimal.

Briefly, the lack of melanin amounts with light hair must be acknowledged. IPL Laser uses melanin to target the growth potential of hair on your treatment area.

Looking at it superficially, IPL devices on the market do cost a lot. However, let’s do the math, shall we? Your traditional methods require tools that are usually single-use. How much do you spend on hair removal tools monthly? Multiply this number by 12 and multiply by how many years you anticipate to live. Not to mention, your past expenditures on these products. Go eco-friendly, people! An IPL handset is a single purchase, a single payment. It’s kind of looking like IPL is the cost effective option.

In terms of these two disadvantages, do not get discouraged! Read on as the experiences of users with light hair and the top branded products’ prices on the market will be disclosed and explored.

How Do I Know Which One to Buy?

Just because it is a cost effective option, it does not mean that IPL devices are cheap; therefore, you must pick the right one for you!

  • Quantity of Flashes: Most IPL devices carry a maximum number of light emissions, zaps or flashes. After you have reached the maximum number, it is time to buy a new device. On the market, the minimum is 100,000 zaps, though, some brands have an unlimited number!
  • Time: While your handset is in use, it takes a few seconds of break between the flashes. Overall, the faster duration between flashes will lead to a shorter treatment process and procedure.
  • Number of Intensity Levels: Similar to the need for included attachments, if you wish to conduct IPL treatment on multiple areas, varied intensity levels or modes are best. For example, your facial skin is highly more sensitive than your leg skin surface. In this situation, the first setting may be used for your facial skin, while the higher settings can be used for your legs.
  • Skin Tone Sensor: Not many devices possess this premium feature. With IPL’s selectivity by hair color and skin tone, a skin tone sensor will enable you to identify the desirable intensity levels for you and your treatment. Furthermore, it will give you a better idea of how often to repeat treatments based on your skin tone in order to gain optimal results.

Does my Hair and Skin Color Work with IPL Treatment?

The rule of thumb: everybody is different and carries beauty through their unique features. A long awaited topic to be discussed, how is Intense Pulsed Light laser technology selective towards one’s hair color and skin tone?

Safe and effective for all parts of the body, the IPL technology’s capability may vary from brand to brand. Remember, IPL handsets come in all shapes and sizes!

For example, the Philips Lumea Prestige IPL Cordless Hair Removal Device is suitable for light brown to dark brown hair. Specifically, it cannot treat the hair tones of blonde, red, and gray. With skin tone, the brand cannot guarantee optimal effects for those with a darker skin tone. Although, it can guarantee results for lighter to tan skin tones.

The key is to do ample research on your device’s suitable hair color and skin tone to optimize your IPL purchase!

The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to IPL Home Treatment

On top of care and commitment, please use your IPL device according to its directional use. Do not improvise!

  1. First step is to clean your desired treatment area. To prevent any interference from fragrances and chemicals, use mild soap and water to cleanse. Refrain from scrubbing, stick to a gentle lather!
  2. An important step, gently shave the area to be treated. No waxing, no plucking — just a gentle shave!
  3. If your IPL device is corded, plug it into a power source and turn on by pressing the power button for a few seconds.
  4. If it is equipped with multiple intensity levels or modes, click once at a time to increase to higher settings. However, if it is your first IPL session, it is recommended to stick to the first setting for the least intensity.
  5. Now, place the device at a 90-degree angle on your treatment surface. Push the flash button to initiate your zaps. For small areas, follow a circular motion, and for larger areas, use a gliding motion across. As you zap, the number of flashes left on your device will appear.
  6. Though this varies per device, per treatment, per area, the average is to repeat this process every two weeks until you reach your goal.
  7. In one treatment, it is recommended to target only one area. Once your session is completed, click the power button to turn your device off. For post-use storage, save a safe place for your beloved IPL handset!

Pieces of Advice from an IPL User

  • Consistency: Regardless of its promising effects, the permanent results you aim for, cannot be attained with a couple inconsistent uses. You may not be able to see visible effects immediately, though, Month 3 is the time where the permanent results kick in after consistent use.
  • No Plucking and No Waxing: To a certain extent, these two methods remove the necessary internal hair follicles. Although, these follicles are required to exist for IPL to work its magic. Instead, it is time to buy those razors for shaving!
  • Autumn or Winter: If you are planning to start IPL treatment, the best time to start is around autumn and winter. Around these months, fake and natural tans are typically left to a minimal level. In relation to a tan, melanin is a key component to IPL Laser technology. The optimal situation is a maximized contrast between your possibly fair skin and darker hair color.
  • Protect: As a tingling feeling may be felt in the tricky areas or an increased sensitivity, some users invest into soothing balms and gels. On top of these, apply some SPF protection on your treated areas if you expect some sun exposure or wear clothes that cover the areas!
  • Avoid: Tying to an increased sensitivity, hot showers, perfume, and/or fragrant deodorants can be avoided in the post-treatment 24-hour window.
  • Unique: Every IPL experience and journey varies from person to person. Some users with dark, thick hair may feel the static sensation during treatment and/or after — do not worry, they do not claim it as pain. On the other hand, users with light hair and fair skin do not record any pain whatsoever.

In Summary

Once you deem a product or procedure as something you want to try, there are a few steps to follow.

First, individuals must understand the information to assess whether it is something you want to try or not. With this, the mental preparation and awareness to commit and care, follows. Be knowledgeable on the tips and hacks from current IPL users. After committing to converting to IPL, get into product research to find the right device for you and your needs. Keep in mind, your safety has a cost, refrain from purchasing devices from non well-known brands and distributors.

Now that you have got your hands on your very own IPL handset, give it a try. Make sure to properly and carefully follow the guided steps we have provided above. This ensures the magical effects of permanent hair removal with IPL treatment.

A safe and non-invasive procedure, Intense Pulsed Light uses light emissions to hinder the re-growth potential of hair follicles under the surface of the skin. Repeat after us: care, commitment, and consistency!

Take this as the sign to toss those shaving and waxing tools, it is time to switch to IPL permanent hair removal. Join the many, many satisfied and grateful users around the globe!

Happy Zapping!