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Q: How long before I see results?

A: Results can vary from person to person but generally as few as 3 sessions alone can start to show hair thinning. Completely hair-free skin can be achieved in as few as 10 weeks.

Q:What hair color does the Supple Skyn Handset work with?
A: Hair Colors that are suitable for the Supple Skyn Handset

IPL Hair Colour chart

Q: What Skin Tone does the Supple Skyn Handset work with?
A: Skin tones that are suitable for the Supple Skyn Handset

IPL Skin Tone Chart 

Q: Will the IPL treatment hurt?
A: No, using the Supple Skyn Handset is completely pain-free. Please use as directed as per the Supple Skyn manual.

Q: What parts of my body can I use the Supple Skyn Handset on?
A: In short, you can use it on all parts of your body, including Brazilians and Facial treatments. (Please keep the handset at an appropriate distance from your eyes)

Q: When I place the device on the skin, why does the device not release a flash?
A: Please make sure the device is at a 90 degree angle so that the sensor behind of the contact surface can detect your skin.

Q: I don't see a significant results after the treatment, why?
A: You may have used a light intensity setting that is not suitable for your skin type. Please refer to the manual for which setting is suitable for your skin tone.

Q: How do I know when to flash the treatment area?
A: The device has a sensor that allows it to only flash once it is perfectly flat against the skin.

Manual Mode: Once you have identified an area of skin that you want to treat, simply press the button adjacent to the device's LCD screen and it should flash once. Simply move over to the next untreated area immediately next to the area that you just flashed to continue treatment.

Auto Mode: If flat against skin, the device's sensor will detect that, and you simply need to glide the device across your skin and it will automatically flash. Make sure you are getting full coverage, i.e., not missing spots, thus moving very slowly and gently across your skin is recommended to get perfect, long lasting results

Q: Is the Supple Skyn Handset Safe to use?
A: Yes! The Supple Skyn Handset is safe for at-home treatment.